Brits splurge £4.46bn while drunk shopping

drunk shopping

A new study has found that Brits have collectively blown £4.46 billion on spontaneous purchases while under the influence of alcohol.

According to price comparison site Finder, almost half of British adults – 45.8 per cent or around 15 million people – who regularly drink alcohol have admitted to making a purchase while under the influence.

Finder’s new report, which surveyed 2000 adults, also revealed that the average spontaneous spend while drunk shopping was £291.07 each, totalling an estimated £4.46 billion.

In addition, the study also found that men splash more cash than women after a drink, with a total average spend of £364.72 compared to £213.41 for women – a difference of about £150.

Meanwhile, millennials are most likely to shop while drunk, with 59.29 per cent of respondents in that age group admitting to this indulgence.

Comparatively, Gen Xers came in at second with 51.7 per cent , followed by almost one third of Baby Boomers at 31.36 per cent.

The most popular items Brits are purchasing while drunk come in the form of food, according to 22.87 per cent of respondents.

This is followed by shoes, clothes and accessories at 13.8 per cent, then gambling at 10.44 per cent and cigarettes at 8.51 per cent.

“No one likes that morning-after-the-night-before regret, especially when checking your bank balance,” Finder UK chief executive Jon Ostler said.

“Those seemingly insignificant purchases can really add up over time. There are cash-saving tips you can implement to avoid shopping through beer goggles.

“When you’re out for drinks it’s useful to set yourself a cash budget and leave your cards at home to limit your expenditure. Download an online shopping stopper in order to save purchases for later with a sober mind.”

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