The toilet ranked in top 10 list of online shopping locations

toilet seat shopping

Doing some shopping while nature calls has become a common past time of Brits, according to a new survey that details online shopping routines.

A new survey people from online marketplace retailer OnBuy, in which 1550 took part, found that eight per cent of Brits did some shopping while on the toilet – making it a top 10 location for online transactions to be carried out.

Residents from the West Midlands enjoy this habit the most at 22 per cent.

Survey participants were asked two main questions, with the first question being “where do you usually shop online from?” – for which they could have more than one response.

With 54 per cent of respondents saying they shop while watching TV, the lounge room was named as the most popular place to do a spot of online shopping.

Rounding out the top 3 were shopping while in bed, at 43 per cent, followed by shopping while at work, at 20 per cent.

Shopping in the toilet came in at seventh, and just ahead of it in sixth is public transport, with 12 per cent of Brits saying they do their shop on buses or trains.


The second question asked by OnBuy was “what is the reason behind your purchase?”.

While 77 per cent of respondents said they needed the items, 38 per cent said they bought their items because it was on sale and 15 per cent said it was for a gift.

Interestingly, four per cent of Brits said they did their shopping under the influence of alcohol, with the highest percentage – 20 per cent – found in the East Midlands.


OnBuy also found that almost half – 47 per cent – of Brits spend up to 30 minutes doing online shopping, while 27 per cent would spend half an hour to an hour.

In addition, 32 of survey respondents said they spend less than £20 per week on online shopping, 43 per cent said they spend between £20 to £50, and 22 per cent admitted to
spending between £50-£100 on items in a single week.

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