Results from Zebra Technologies’ 10th annual Shopper Vision Study revealed

Retailers are getting better at staying up to speed with the demands of savvy consumers whose expectations are increasing in today’s digital economy – but this doesn’t mean they can afford to be complacent. Innovation is key to success and will always be required.

This is pertinent when, according to the Zebra Technologies’ 10th annual Shopper Vision Study, one-third of shoppers are still not satisfied with the in-store shopping experience.

The study also found that 53 per cent of shoppers remain not satisfied with the returns/exchange process.

However, one of the key sources of customer dissatisfaction were out-of-stock merchandise and the same product available for less at another retail store.

Interestingly, the study says 60 per cent of shoppers believe store associates who use mobile devices for customer assistance improve their shopping, while 66 per cent prefer same-day or next-day delivery.

The Shopper Vision Study provides solid evidence that consumers are demanding more of retailers.

These expectations include faster delivery of their goods and services, and the trend of customers unwilling to spend extra for faster order fulfilment. In turn, they present a dilemma of sorts for retailers working to elevate the customer experience.

Zebra’s Shopper Vision Study seeks to gain an understanding of shopper satisfaction and retail technology trends through the analysis of customer satisfaction levels and predictions on where retail trends are heading.

The 2018 instalment of the study was conducted in conjunction with research firm Qualtrics and surveyed nearly 7500 shoppers online from North America (24%), Europe and the Middle East (32%), Latin America (20%) and Asia Pacific (24%).

Two per cent of the survey’s respondents fell in the 18 – 19 year old age bracket; millennials comprised 43 per cent, Gen X 32 per cent and baby boomers made up 21 per cent.

For the current, empowered generation of shoppers, striving to meet their needs and expectations is crucial. Zebra’s latest study seeks to encourage retailers to embrace platforms that transform real-time, visibility-driven data throughout the supply chain into actionable insights.

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