Home Bargains boss pays himself £1m

Home Bargains boss Tom Morris has paid himself £1 million after a surge in sales and profits.

The Liverpool-based discount retailer stocks up to 4000 branded product lines and employs more than 17,000 staff.

Trading under parent company TJ Morris, it was founded as a market stall in 1976 by Morris and now trades from over 500 stores around the country.

TJ Morris is also the biggest employer in Merseyside and Morris himself retains a stake of more than three quarters in the company.

Its latest annual figures filed at Companies House indicate that sales increased 14 per cent to £2.1 billion while profits rose 20 per cent to £203 million.

The retailer said that in the long term, it was planned to expand to as many as 1000 shops.

Morris runs TJ Morris with his younger brother Joe and it’s thought that his family’s wealth is estimated to be around £3.5 billion.

The Companies House accounts also shows that Home Bargains gave its highest-paid director, believed to be Tom, £1 million.

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  1. Yeah Tom and while your there can you sort out the issue of senior manager pay, it didn’t go up in line with the staff wages when they all jumped up so now they aren’t far behind us. Even though we’re the ones that have to put up with all the bull. We were told it was to keep the company in profit but it was obviously to keep your helicopter running.

  2. Your a rip off. I just bought an item from your fridge. It wasn’t fit for consumption so promptly returned it. I wasted all my lunchtime because your staff would not refund my money. Nothing on the receipt to say you do not refund for fridge items. Where is it displayed in your shops? Of course it won’t be because this allows you to rip off your customers. Fact.


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