Wilko operating & digital chiefs resign

Wilko chief
// Wilko COO Sean Toal and digital director Sean Emmett step down amid reshuffle
// COO responsibilities will now be spilt between CCO Andrew Moore and CFO Alex Russo
// Emmett to be replaced by transformation director Jerome Saint-Marc

A board reshuffle at Wilko has led to the resignations of chief operating officer Sean Toal and digital director Sean Emmett.

According to Retail Week, Toal’s responsibilities as chief operating officer will now be split between chief financial officer Alex Russo and chief commercial officer Andrew Moore.

Moore, who left his chief marketing officer position at Asda to join Wilko late last year, will cover all commercial activities in Toal’s role, while Russo’s responsibilities will expand to include property, distribution and transport.

Meanwhile, Emmett is poised will be succeeded by Wilko’s transformation director Jerome Saint-Marc, whose broadened remit will include leading the retailer’s ecommerce division.

As a result of leadership reshuffle, family director Lisa Wilkinson will take over accountability for Wilko’s online, retail and HR divisions.

“Sean Toal and Sean Emmett are stepping down to pursue their careers outside the Wilko family of businesses,” a Wilko spokeswoman told Retail Week.

“We’d like to thank them for their contribution and support throughout their time with Wilko and wish them all the very best for the future.”

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  1. Large losses, staff lay offs, directors being fired and stores with such low levels of stock they look like they are about to close down. All is not well at Wilko, if they carry on like this we will see store closures next.

  2. I agree with peter, the shops are also empty because of shop lifters every half hour they are clearing the shelves the company is a joke. I go in to buy my shopping and some scum is taking it without permission. (hang on should I just take mine as well) no because I work hard to pay for mine. The company should be ashamed the poor staff shouldn’t have to put up with it getting threatened and abuse of scum. The profit is walking out the door but they don’t see it.

  3. Put tills near front door it might help to stop shop lifters. Get more sercertiy in stores. Get management to spend a day on each job make sure we always have bags brown paper and change for tills.

  4. Sad to see a once great company in such demise, despite many senior appointments coming and going with little or no effect.
    Can’t see how anyone will turn it around now as they seem to have lost the competitive edge and can’t match B&M and other discount retailers. Just hope for the sake of the good people there that they can sort it out.

  5. This is what happens when you get greedy.glad I got out because they were in a mess when they got rid of my post of relief stock supervisor .I got the team supervisor role but it was a joke to the point I put in a grievance and won.there is never any staff about no stock on shelves and yes you see the shoplifters walk straight out and the store don’t give a dam.Lisa Wilkinson I hope you end up with nothing I ended up depressed because of your stupid plan of get rid of supervisors.would love this jumped up princess to work a week in a store .it will come crashing down because you got greedy


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