You could soon collect your Amazon package on your daily bus

Amazon investigation
// Amazon has won a patent filed for “mobile delivery locations”
// This would see packages delivered to public transport vehicles customers take daily
// Customers can also pick up items from their local bus stop

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Amazon customers could soon be able to collect their packages from public transport vehicles they use on their daily commute.

According to a patent for “mobile pickup locations” which Amazon recently won, packages could be collected on a “vehicle which the user takes every day travelling from the office to home”.

Alternatively, customers could collect their packages from local bus stops or other convenient locations, using GPS to track the package and be alerted via a text message when it is approaching.

This comes amid Amazon’s continuing efforts to launch new and innovative delivery methods to make its products accessible to everyone, including autonomous delivery robots and drones and schemes which allow Amazon delivery drivers to securely gain access to houses, garages and even cars to drop off a package.

Its latest patent, which was reportedly filed five years before being granted, would expand its reach to customers who don’t want items delivered to their home, or are often on the move.

It’s not clear at this stage whether Amazon plans to leverage its patent.

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  1. Why is there a five year gap between filing the patent application and the granting of same? Is this a government attempt to stifle innovation?


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