51.4% Brits shop monthly at Amazon

Amazon GlobalData
// Over half of UK shoppers purchase from Amazon once a month
// Amazon’s 2018 UK revenue climbed 23.3%
// Amazon expected to account for 8% of the UK’s spend by 2023

New research has shown that over half of Brits shop at Amazon at least once a month, as the online retail giant continues to threaten rivals.

According to GlobalData, 51.4 per cent of UK shoppers buy from Amazon monthly as it continued to steal share from competitors across the board in 2018.

Amazon’s financial year 2018 results showed no signs of the business slowing down as its UK revenue climbed 23.3 per cent against strong comparatives.

The online retailer’s share of UK retail spend (including third-party sales) increased by 0.7 per cent to reach 4.9 per cent in 2018, GlobalData said.

It also forecast Amazon to account for eight per cent of the UK’s spend by 2023.

Meanwhile, 84.3 per cent of UK shoppers have purchased from Amazon in the past year with almost a quarter of purchasing more than they would a year ago.

“Amazon’s Prime delivery saver scheme locks in loyalty and has bolstered growth in recent years,” GlobalData senior retail analyst Sofie Wilmott said.

“Despite being renowned it still presents an opportunity for the retailer with 38.1 per cent of Amazon shoppers currently signed up; therefore there are many more potential subscribers.

“At a time when there is little growth in the UK retail market as consumer confidence remains low, hindered by economic uncertainty, Amazon has continued to far outperform and as it sets its sights on growth in sectors it has previously not prioritised, retailers of all kinds are under threat.”

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  1. How robust is this Data? Amazon didn’t release country level revenue results. Is the reported 23.3% growth in UK revenues an extrapolation?

    Again the same question regarding the sample set for number of UK shoppers buying monthly or in the past year. How robust is this data?


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