Better Bathrooms collapses into administration

better bathrooms
// 325 jobs lost as Better Bathrooms falls into administration
// Better Bathroom stores, trade counters and warehouses have all closed down
// FRP Advisory appointed administrators late last week

More than 300 jobs have been lost after the UK’s largest independent bathroom retailer, Better Bathrooms, called in administrators late last week.

The bath, tiles and decorating retailer has 13 stores and two trade counters, all of which have closed its doors and ceased trading.

FRP Advisory was appointed as joint administrators on Friday.

The administrators said 325 staff members have been made redundant.

However, 10 head office and warehouse function staff have been retained on a temporary basis to assist with the administration process.

Joint administrator Phil Pierce said: “The challenges facing the UK retail industry are well known and and are puttng immense pressure on businesses operating in the sector.

“Unfortunately, Better Bathrooms has suffered from severe cashflow difficulties and and an extended period of soft trading, which has forced the business into administration.

“Without significant investment or the cash to continue trading, the difficult decision was made to cease trading.”

Pierce added that they would be working with affected staff to support their claims through the Redundancy Payments service.

The collapse came after Better Bathrooms’ customers were predicting its demise on social media amid delays to the deliveries, just hours before FRP Advisory were appointed administrators.

Pierce said they would be writing to all customers “as soon as possible”.

The administrators also asked that any parties interested in acquiring the assets of Better Bathrooms should come forward as soon as possible.

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  1. We have paid £712.71 on a shower toilet and sink and expecting delivery on 17th March. Will this still arrive??? If not can you tell me what I need to do because I’ve saved for 4 years to buy this
    Angela Dowell

  2. Angela, hi, did you pay by credit card? If so, search for Section 75 refunds. MoneySavingsExpert is a good place to start.

    I have heard that you can do chargeback with debit cards too but I’m not sure how successful those are.

  3. I went to better Bathrooms and ordered bathroom on the 14th January it was being delivered today
    I’ve taken the week off to fit saved for a year To pay off it spoke to them on Wednesday 27th feb said all the stuff was in was delivering on Tuesday 5th March

    Robert glinkowski

    • Hi Robert/all
      You will not receive your items nor will you get through because nobody works for the company anymore. Please email or call FRP they are the administrator who can help you with fighting to get your money back. Any orders under 100 pounds won’t be dealt with the less the amount the lower the priority

  4. did you pay by credit card or debit card Angela? if so you may well be protected. useful stuff on Martin Lewis’ website around credit card (section 75) and debit card (chargeback) protections. Good luck and hope you get your money back or your goods.

  5. What a bunch of thieving robbers, I have been chasing for days now about a delivery of goods worth £1000 how can they go bust if they are taking money and not delivering anything to their customers, this is daylight robbery not administration, I bet the directors have lined their pockets

    • I totally agree. The Directors are probably setting up a company in a new name robbing B******s. I hope they meet likeminded people and get taken to the cleaners!!

  6. Cancelled order on 20th Feb after being told delivery wouldn’t arrive till April, (due on 18th Feb.) Promised refund. Almost £1000 out of pocket

  7. We bought and paid for ours Wednesday28th February 2 days later it was announced gone into administration, have since learned from an inside source staff were aware before this as redundancy package had been discussed but were still conning money out of customers

  8. We were due to have a bath delivered today, received the email 26th Feb and they go in to administration on the 28th, they must of known. I’m also a bathroom fitter and fitted loads of bathrooms supplied by better bathrooms, all warranties are now void I should imagine.

  9. We are waiting for our replacement tiles, as three boxes came damaged after waiting 2 months for them. Do we know if they will send out the replacements? When spoke to last week they had them in stock. Had nothing but trouble with better bathrooms!

  10. We had our delivery thankfully of goods over £1000 and have had the bathroom fitted however there appears to be a hairline fracture in the toilet – is there anywhere I can go to claim against warranty etc as looking online the toilet alone was >£200

  11. If you’ve already paid you won’t get your money back from Better Bathrooms, you can register as a creditor but you’ll be behind others owed millions. If you’ve paid by CC then you’ll be ok, debit cards I’m not so sure

  12. We need to return a shower unit we bought a couple of weeks ago.
    As the unit is no good as we have a slanting wall.
    Have been trying to contact Slough all week.
    We paid by debit card.
    What do you suggest

    • I bought £1200.00 worth of goods from Better Bathrooms in the Wigan store in December 2018.
      Everything was delivered as required. After only a week’s usage of the shower kit, the chrome began to peel off.
      I contacted them to which the said we will replace it. After waiting now 10 weeks and l have just read that they have gone bust, l’ll not get the replacement unless, anyone can give me some advice. As the shower fittings have now been drilled and positioned in the new fitted bathroom, l’m unsure if l will get a like for like, for the fittings.

      • Hi ronbo if you have a t bar or a surface mounted thermostatic shower the pipes should be 150mm centres and a replacement should go on without any drilling. If it has a fixed head the bracket may be in a different place on a replacement. Best of luck.

  13. I have bought a shower mixer that did not arrive. I was trying hard last week to cancel the order, but I could not. It explains it all!!
    Will we get a refund?!

  14. Placed an order for a tap last Thursday said it had been despatched but not yet arrived will I get it or my money back

    • If you paid by debit or credit card contact your bank for a chargeback, time limit is 120 days, if you paid via PayPal which was an option at better bathrooms, raise a dispute directly with paypal

  15. Been waiting for a refund since january 19th 2019 as promised by the Leicester manager for a Tabor toilet which i took back to the store in person .
    Fobbed off by the store ever since which explains all now !

  16. I also have an order for a bathroom suite £800 payed and it was due for delivery on the 9th of March. I’m sure there will be some way of obtaining a refund through my bank etc.
    It’s the 300 plus people that have lost their jobs who have mortgage, rent, or bills to pay that I feel sorry for.

    • If you paid by debit or credit card you are probably covered. My daughter spent £2330 and tried to pay on 2 separate debit cards. The assistant manager said her cards had been ‘declined’ probably due to the fact that they had a new system installed??? He told her to pay by Bank Transfer which she did. Due to what has happened she rang the bank to see why her transactions had been declined and they confirmed that no transactions had been attempted on that day apart from the BT. I’ll leave you to work it out. Needless to say she has no bathroom suite and no money to buy another one. The administrators have advised that she will most likely NOT get her money back either.

  17. Paid almost £3000 for bath and ensuite replacements due for delivery mid March! Hopefully the bank will be able to sort some kind of refund!

  18. We purchased a suite totalling nearly £1k end January but got a text on 27th Feb stating that our order has been dispatched and would be delivered in the next 2 days but never showed. Have initiated a charge back for my debit card but if unsuccessful my claim with the administrator will therefore be that my goods are sitting in a warehouse which they has no right to sell as Better Bathrooms have already advised me they holding them (and as I have paid for them, they are mine to collect).

  19. I’ve been waiting for a refund since 6th January paid for 4 items only 2 arrived late the other 2 they said they don’t have in stock anymore and I’ve rang over 6 times for a refund now this happens day light robbery they new this was going to happen

  20. Need advice pls
    Mirror that I ordered £250 never received and this has been added onto the price of the finance agreement ?
    Can I get this refunded ??

    • Contact the finance company and get them to write off your finance.

      I had an order of £925. Due to be delivered on 1/4/19. Thankfully paid by Credit card so they will sort my refund for me.

  21. My wife and I ordered a full bathroom set from better bathrooms costing us £1600 we also paid extra money to have it delivered on a Sunday now the credit card company and asking us for more evidence that the company has gone into administration what’s that all about

  22. We can’t do anything because we need prove that we brought the bathroom before the bank can help us .our emails do not get answered .What can we do .

  23. How does that work if your paying off the bathroom you bought via credit? Do I get away with paying the way they get away with robbing everyone

  24. OMG, WTF….

    I called Better Only to find the website has been bough by BUT IT DIRECT..
    I have credit of over £400 with Better the Stuff I bought and return in 2015 and though Id use it as they refused to refund in cash. Contacted them to use up my credit and they can’t even search for my Invoice or my credit details..

    I’m now on Universal Credit…THIS IS RIDICULOUS….PLEASE HELP ABOUT GETTING MY MONEY BACK.. Every Penny counts for me and my Dog!!


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