Waitrose apologises & pulls “racist” Easter ducklings from sale

// Waitrose apologises over “racist” £8 duckling trio
// The dark chocolate duckling was labelled as “ugly”
// Waitrose has now re-released the trio after redesigning the packaging

Waitrose has apologised after being embroiled in a racism row over its Easter ducks collection.

The “racist” £8 trio of white, milk and dark chocolate ducklings sparked controversy because of the labels the grocer had given them.

Customers complained when the dark chocolate duckling was labelled as “ugly”.

Waitrose immediately dropped the trio from its Easter collection when it received the backlash, and has now re-released the ducklings in-store and online with redesigned packaging.

A Waitrose spokesman said: “We are very sorry for any upset caused by the name of this product, it was absolutely not our intention to cause any offence. We removed the product from sale several weeks ago while we changed the labelling and our ducklings are now back on sale.”

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  1. Presumably if the white duck had been “ugly”, that would have been fine??? How little do people have to do in their lives?

  2. Wow just wow!! The majority of complaints no doubt cane from snowflake, professional victim, virtue signalling, millennial cunts who are professionaly offended by everything Bet not one normal of any colour complained about this bullshit.


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