John Lewis appoints Ofcom CEO as chairman with near-£1m salary

John Lewis Ofcom
// John Lewis announces new chairman
// Ofcom CEO Sharon White will join as chairman in 2020
// White will be paid a £990,000 salary

John Lewis has announced that Ofcom chief executive Sharon White will join as the department store chain’s new chairman.

White will be replacing Sir Charlie Mayfield, who revealed back in November that he will be stepping down as chairman in 2020.

She will be responsible for overseeing John Lewis stores as well as the Waitrose supermarkets. She has been serving as Ofcom’s chief executive since 2015.

John Lewis confirmed that White will be paid a £990,000 salary, which is a huge climb compared to her £275,000 salary at Ofcom.

Up until her appointment, White had been seen as a leading contender to become the next governor for the Bank of England.

“Sharon White has had a stellar career in a number of senior strategic and executive roles and during a thorough, wide-ranging and extremely competitive search she stood out as an exceptional candidate,” Mayfield said.

“I believe she has the vision, leadership, drive and flair to steer the partnership through its next phase.”

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  1. I don’t believe a salary of £990,000 is justified. If she’s that good, pay her double her present salary at Ofcom, i.e £275,000,
    and the remainder based on results after Y1.

    Im sure she can manage on that for now.

  2. With the business struggling to pay its staff a bonus this year, is that amount of mone justified for a newcomer? surely let her prove herself first with a slight increase in her OFCOM salary and see how it goes. If the business improves, the up her salary, but she has no commercial experience to back her up

  3. Hello Sharon, I have just been to Kings Lynn John Lewis. We went for two pairs of Children’s shoes. There were no shoes my children’s size, nor was there a choice. The assistant couldn’t even order them on her computer. ‘The computer said NO’. We then went for a coffee and sandwich at the JL cafe. No choice of sandwich, we were so hungry we took the last but one cheese and tomato, dreadful, dry and uninteresting along with the paper plates and wooden knife and spoon, we will not visit again. Having left the store we came across a super cafe with a very extensive menu, loads of choice and real utensils. You really must up your game if you are to keep your stores open.

  4. I’m sabian a driver for waitrose in truro at the moment and I think this is just absolutely inspirational and really makes me want to succeed within the company!


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