M&S offers 90% off clothing prices amid tough trading

M&S discounting
// M&S slashes 90% off prices on clothes
// Discounts are available in-store and online
// In the past financial year, M&S closed 35 stores and opened 48

Marks & Spencer has slashed its clothing sales by up to 90 per cent as it finds ways to survive in the midst of the UK’s tough trading conditions.

The struggling retailer’s end of season sale – which takes place online and in stores -includes dresses, work wear, shirts and summer swimwear prices falling down to £5.

M&S has not been immune to the challenges of the UK’s high street as in the past financial year.

It closed 35 stores and opened 48, and now expects to close a further 85 shops and open 20 by 2024.

At least 47 M&S stores have now been shut as part of a restructure that forms part of major turnaround scheme.

Last week, it revealed its latest store earmarked for closure, while at the same time, former McDonald’s chief people officer Harriet Hounsell was appointed as M&S’s new human resources director.

M&S also recently poached Topshop’s fashion director Maddy Evans to help bolster clothing sales by relating to a younger market.

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  1. If you want to compete with Primark then sell at Primark prices. If I buy a pair of chinos that turn pink in the wash I don’t mind if I’ve only paid £8 for them. But paying £39 and getting the same result?

  2. Sadly Marks and Spencer clothing quality not what it used to be when their goods were all made in UK. Also styles ofen too frumpy for my taste.

  3. If only M & S realised that the majority of customers were middle aged and older and catered for them instead of youngsters there sales would increase overnight. Many do not mind paying more for better quality but will not buy the rubbish they are selling and have been for years. Our branch (Andover) closed about a year ago and rarely visit other towns.I refuse to buy on line when you have to pay postage on each item. If only the top people got together and realised these problems could be solved.

  4. Over ranged. Too many “in house” brands. Out of stock of best sellers as stock spread too thinly over too many questionable ranges. Variable quality on a downward trend . Realise that your traditional market has grown older and put on a bit of wight, before attempting to cater for the younger generation .

  5. Occasionally I have a wander through to see if anything has changed but sadly not. Although I’m now a 60 year old I never feel old enough to shop there. More often than not it feels like I’ve wandered into a residential home in error.

    Doubt that M&S will ever appeal to a younger audience, too much competition from wear and bin type retailers.

  6. Make up your mind M&S just who you want as your core customer! Do you ever talk to your customers over all your stores not just London and actually listen? Basic tee shirts, shirts, jumpers, skirts, trousers, jeans, things that match with each other to make an outfit. Please Marks just listen.

  7. M&S certainly need to attract a new younger customer but as any good retailer knows you do not alienate your existing customer during the transition
    I was in store last week looking for something for my mum to wear and came away empty handed – my mother is currently the core M&S customer if they look in their cafe – alienated in their women’s wear department though

  8. I was in a branch of M&S on Saturday at London Colney. I saw lots of things that I would buy, but only came out with one pair of trousers because I feel that M&Sneed to take a close look at their pricing structure. Yes I managed to get a few other things for my partner but feel that there is still a lot of work to be done in order to get customers through their doors.

  9. Why have you changed the length of your Jean’s Nd trousers cannot believe you do not do a 25 length it is now 27 what about customers who bought short length ie 25 the assistant just said get them altered what a cheek is mark’s going to pay shocking ,will have to go elsewhere .

    Kathleen nicol

  10. I have been commenting and following the problems at M&S for YEARS. I stopped shopping at M&S in 2018.

    I’m 34 I used to shop at M&S for their food. I have lived in London for 9 years and M&S just has no idea how to adapt to changing trends, or… when the area around the shops change.

    I am originally from Hull (they shut that store this year) the store that had been their for decades was on what was once a busy major street called Whitefriargate (Whi’fr’gate) in the 1980s it was pedestrianised, so you had to walk in the rain and unable to dash out a car to get inside M&S in the 1990’s the huge shopping centre was built and more pedesrianisation, many shops started to close. the 00’s many more shops closed due to another shopping centre close to the station and of course the internet… M&S did nothing. In 2008 to present the street now is in a shocking state, M&S should have moved DECADES ago, it didnt.

    Bridlington, a seaside town. Only busy in the summer. The store shut last year. It was the only store expecting to sell expensive mid/low quality coats and winter wear to residents who probably have a dog and go on the beach everyday. If you live in Brid you want a coat that is one of two things, easy to replace (cheap) or easy to maintain(hard wearing) and pay the high price for it, M&S fell in to neither box.

    There are likely to be similar examples around the UK, but M&S would rather cut jobs and stores from an office in London rather than spend a bit of time investigating how the area around the shops has changed and how they could adapt. For the most part, the finger is off the pulse with their clothing offering you can see it in the comments and the article, 90% off is NEVER good.

    At the top of what has turned into an essay rather than a reply, I said I USED to shop at M&S for the food. I got fed up of them neglecting the very department that brings in the younger crowd, because EVERYONE needs to eat. The gaps preventing a full shop and quality started to drop also with long queues at tills in the food areas was just disrespectful to all customers. They have in the last six months really started stepping up… it will still be a long time till I go in M&S though.

  11. I buy all my clothes from M&S. I am not fashion conciouis, I purchase what I like and most important what fits, they are one of a very few retailers who sell stretch waistband trousers.
    David Skelton


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