Sainsbury’s & Argos roll out hidden disability sunflower lanyards

Sainsbury's Argos National Autistic Society
Sainsbury’s and Argos will also be hosting an Autism Hour on October 9 as part of a campaign with National Autistic Society
// Sainsbury’s and Argos roll out their sunflower lanyards in stores nationwide after successful trial
// The free lanyards act as a sign the customer has a hidden disability & may need additional support

Sainsbury’s and Argos has announced a nationwide roll-out of sunflower lanyards in stores as part of an initiative to support customers with hidden disabilities.

Following a successful trial earlier this year, the initiative offers shoppers the option to pick up a free sunflower lanyard in store, which has been designed to act as a sign for store colleagues that they may need to provide a customer with additional support.

Sainsbury’s staff will offer support such as assisting with finding shopping items or giving customers more time at the checkout.


The sunflower design is now recognised by a number of organisations across the UK and was initially adopted by Gatwick Airport, which Sainsbury’s worked closely with throughout the trial.

“As we work towards our vision of being the UK’s most inclusive retailer, we’re proud to be offering sunflower lanyards in all stores,” Sainsbury’s board sponsor for disability carers and age, Tim Fallowfield said.

“Not all disabilities are visible, and it’s clear that a subtle signal can make a big difference in providing confidence and reassurance.

“Together with our colleagues, we hope to give all our customers the best possible experience when shopping, while working with the wider industry to raise awareness.”

Meanwhile, Marks & Spencer had also introduced sunflower lanyards to all of its stores in the UK in mid-September with the same initiative of helping people with hidden disabilities.

M&S informed all 80,000 staff members on what the lanyards meant and how to serve customers who wore them.

Moreover, Sainsbury’s and Argos will be hosting an Autism Hour on October 9 as part of a campaign with National Autistic Society.

This involves stores creating a calmer environment with methods including turning down the tannoy, self-checkout sounds and café music.

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  1. Wandsworth store 2 on monday 7th had leaflets out but on asking staff the 2 staff members on the kiosk hadn’t a clue what they were or what they stand for
    One member of staff screwing her face in rude manner when I suggested training is needed . Very ignorant and rude

  2. I have been into Sainsbury’s Canly yesterday and asked at the customer service desk: “please can I request one off your hidden disability lanyards with the sunflowers on?“ I was asked to explain my disability…
    Well I suffer from anxiety and just replied that. The staff member said I will just check with my colleagues as I have never heard of this. By this point there were several other people around the service desk and my anxiety kicked in!
    I waited a little longer thinking hopefully someone will know and come and help me but instead I was told “no love you must have the wrong shop we don’t do lanyards for hidden disabilities, you can try and apply for a disability badge for the car park”
    There are no words to explain how I felt! Needless to say that was not customer service.

  3. I have only just seen this and did not know about it how can I get one please I have osteoporosis and this would be very helpful for me

  4. I went into Saintsbury’s yesterday and asked for one and told you get them when you start shopping and hand them back after I was under the impression and led to believe they were free I was told you can buy them off the internet so could someone please clarify this x

  5. I went into my local Sainsbury’s in Cheddar and picked 1 up and I told my friend about them so she wanted 1. When I went in yesterday 22/10 they said that Sainsbury’s have withdrawn them but didn’t know why. So Now I’m puzzled!


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