Whole Foods Market reveals top food trend predictions for 2020

Whole Foods Market reveals top food trend predictions for 2020
More than 50 Whole Foods Market team members worked together to produce the retailer's 5th annual trends predictions.
// Whole Foods Market reveals UK-based food trend predictions for 2020
// Amazon-owned grocer’s experts forecast on-the-rise flavours, products and culinary influences
// Predictions include new types of flours to make baking more inclusive, and non-alcoholic options

Regenerative agriculture, West African foods and new varieties of flour are among the top food trends expected to take off in the next year, according to predictions from Whole Foods Markets.

More than 50 Whole Foods Market team members – including local foragers, regional and global buyers and culinary experts – worked together to produce the retailer’s fifth annual trends predictions, which was revealed yesterday.

While the 2019 forecasted trends, including rise in hemp-infused and topical CBD products, faux meat snacks and eco-conscious packaging, show no signs of slowing down, the 2020 trends represent a new crop of flavours and products to watch out for in grocery stores across the UK.

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One of the main predictions is regenerative agriculture, which refers to farming and grazing practices that restore degraded soil, improve biodiversity and increase carbon capture to create environmental benefits.

Another prediction is the new array of flours are the market to make baking more inclusive, such as teff flour used for Ethiopian injera, fruit and vegetable flours, and red lentil flour.

Traditional West African flavours popping up everywhere in food and in beverage are also expected to take centre stage next year, and brands are expected to look to the region for superfood like moringa and tamarind, and lesser-known cereal grains sorghum, fonio, teff and millet.

Whole Foods said consumers can start to expect an increase in “out-of-the-box, into-the-fridge” packaged snacking options, such as hard-boiled eggs, fruit or veg-filled protein bars, pickled vegetables, drinkable soups and mini dips and dippers.

Meanwhile, the rise of butters created from various nuts or seeds are also forecast for 2010, such as pumpkin butter and other vegan-friendly spreads.

Finally, customers can expect a rise in sugar alternatives made from starches like sorghum or sweet potato and syrupy reductions from monk fruit, pomegranates, coconut and dates, as well as more non-alcoholic drink options that emulate classic flavours and beverages.

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