B&Q and Screwfix owner Kingfisher booted out of FTSE 100

B&Q owner Kingfisher posts 17.6% rise in sales for Q3
Kingfisher said it had experienced "exceptional demand" at B&Q stores in the days before the second national lockdown for England came into force.
// Kingfisher loses its place in the FTSE 100
// The group – which owns DIY giants B&Q and Screwfix – has had its quarterly review

B&Q and Screwfix parent company Kingfisher has been relegated from the FTSE 100 following a quarterly reshuffle of the sought-after stock market ranking.

The news comes after a tough trading period for the group, which has so far seen new chief executive Thierry Garnier attempting to revitalise the company.

Under the helm of former boss Véronique Laury, the group undertook its One Kingfisher strategy, which saw it drive synergies between its stable of UK and European businesses.


The strategy was launched in a bid to record a £500 million annual profit uplift for the group once it had been completed.

However, upon Laury’s departure, Kingfisher said the strategy “no longer reflected the way the company is managed”.

The group’s share price stood at 377.2p in June 2015, the same year the strategy was launched, but dropped to 188.8p yesterday.

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  1. DIY died when we opened up to the eastern european countries. Who wants to DIY if someone can do it for you? DIY profits are big because DIYers always buy too much stuff for the job, e.g. a box of screws when they only need 2. Professionals hoard stuff and use it wisely, and use trade counters not retail warehouses.

  2. Have nobody realised they have always been well over priced and greedy just like Tesco’s that’s why they in trouble. Being so big yes
    Can buy big and cheap but needs big profit on each item to cover over heads like very large shops.

  3. To be fair, why would you go for a French CEO when all the company profits are in the UK With Screwfix leading the way then much of the losses were in France!

    Turning a once powerful and profitable business into a shadow of what it was.

  4. ” WE” i guess your talking about Wee Britain…. ‘WE’ opened f all graham…They opened themselves. Hungary being the first to have a revolution against communism Russian rule in 1956. Berlin Wall opened in 1989 with the fall on Russian rule over every other Eastern European countries, various independence rallies followed. Eastern european’s came here because WE are so short of low paid labour. And what a great asset they have been

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    Lazy racist


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