Wilko stores remain open amid pandemic but opening hours reduced

Wilko coronavirus stores covid-19 pandemic Jerome Saint-Marc
Wilko has temporarily removed ‘pick n mix’ confectionery from sale in-store
// Wilko stores to remain open amid pandemic
// The retailer was recognised as ‘essential’

Wilko has said its stores will stay open amid the coronavirus pandemic, after being designated as an essential retailer.

This follows the government’s decision to temporarily shut down all non-essential services in a bid to place the UK in lockdown.

The British retailer has temporarily removed ‘pick n mix’ confectionery from sale in-store to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission.


Wilko has also introduced increased cleaning practices, social distancing, quantity controls and queue marshalls.

In addition, stores will be closing earlier at 5pm until further notice, to give staff extra time to clean and stock shelves.

Other measures include protective screens at checkouts, an initiative that major grocers such as Morrisons, Asda and Aldi have already embraced.

“Not everyone has a large supermarket nearby to get the non-food essentials they need for their family,” Wilko chief executive Jerome Saint-Marc said.

“With 17 million people living within two kilometres of a Wilko store we can help fulfil this need. Our locations and the wide range of products in our stores mean you can do a big shop with us without needing to travel far or visit multiple shops.”

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  1. It’s ridiculous that only one person is allowed in wilkos when they should 2 people in their stores. I don’t think that’s right not letting more than 1 person in their stores.

  2. Stop complaining Wayne – just be grateful this store is open.
    With so many people bereaved and living in fear think of the bigger picture and follow the rules.

  3. I work for Wilko and I am horrified we are open. Myself and my colleagues are terrified we will contract Covid19 and take it home to our loved ones. Wilko do not sell food so should not be open. There are queues of people outside every day waiting to come in and mostly they are buying paint, wallpaper and gardening items like seeds and compost. None of those are essential in a global pandemic. Wilko do not care at all because they are making millions without assuming any of the risks. I am sick to death of hearing whiny cry babies going on about doing these things around the home to help with their mental health. Does literally ANYONE care about the staff members mental health, many of which are travelling in on public transport each day to serve idiotic people with this nonsense!? STAY AT HOME. We don’t want to see you right now. Please.

    • As much as I’d like to buy paint etc, I will not jeopardise my health nor yours. I agree with what you have said and sympathize with you and your colleagues. I hope they give you some kind of protective clothing? Take care


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