Tesco lays off first wave of 45,000 temporary workers

Tesco Covid-19 jobs demand
The Big 4 leader went on a hiring spree to cope with demand
// Tesco lays off temporary workers as demand levels return to normal
// 80% new staff at one of Tesco’s stores were given 7 days notice on Saturday

Tesco has reportedly begun laying off the first wave of the 45,000 temporary workers it had drafted in at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

In one store, 80 per cent of the new staff were given seven days’ notice over the week while thousands of other newly created roles also face redundancies, The Telegraph reported.

The Big 4 leader went on a hiring spree to cope with demand when supermarkets across the UK began to experience a surge in sales due to lockdown fears.


Tesco had employed shopfloor staff, drivers and warehouse workers as shoppers descended on supermarkets to buy essentials such as pasta, tinned goods and toilet rolls.

Tesco’s home delivery service also became overwhelmed, with chief executive Dave Lewis encouraging “healthy” customers to shop in stores to free up delivery slots for the elderly and vulnerable.

Social distancing measures have also meant that the volume of people coming into stores is more controlled, putting less pressure on its supply chain.

Earlier this month, Tesco was criticised for pressing ahead with a £635 million dividend payout because it benefits from a business rates holiday granted to all retailers, while being among a handful allowed to keep trading.

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  1. Anyone remember the corruption scandal Tesco had. They are predatory and corrupt. No one should shop there. Do YOUR bit and don’t give them your hard earned cash.

  2. They’ve also gone ahead with making bakery staff redundant,disgusting company no morale compass at all staff are treated like dirt.


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