UK supermarkets begin plans to sell face masks

UK supermarkets are preparing to begin selling face masks, amid growing speculation they will be recommended for mass public use as part of the government’s plans to lift the Covid-19 lockdown.
Retailers are fearful of diverting masks away from the NHS, amid concerns of PPE shortages.
// UK supermarkets are planning to start selling face masks to the public
// French Supermarkets have already faced backlash for starting to sell face masks

UK supermarkets are preparing to begin selling face masks, amid growing speculation they will be recommended for public use as part of the government’s plans post lockdown.

The Grocer reported that some retailers are hesitant to launch the products, amid fears they will be seen to be diverting masks away from the NHS, amid continued reports over the shortages of PPE.

A source at one supermarket told The Grocer it would only start selling masks when it was sure there would be no negative impact on frontline health worker supplies as it didn’t want to do anything to prejudice the NHS.

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The source the The Grocer that if government guidance changes and people are then looking for face masks, buying them from supermarkets would make sense.

It also stated that it was hypersensitive to the issues facing key health workers, hence the current hesitation to begin selling face masks.

Supermarkets in France have already faced backlash for selling face masks this week while there are still numerous reports of PPE shortages in hospitals.

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  1. If everbody was wearing face masks there would be no one in hospital, this is a airborne disease was your hand 10,000 times a day it wont help but if you wear a mask you wont get it fullstop, not buying surgical masks does not stop all other countries worldwide buying them china is the main supplier, this idea that the public not wearing surgical masks saves them for the nhs would only apply if they were made in the uk, so please stop the silly talk, silly social distancing silly lockdowns, taiwan, china,vietman, south korea, thailand all wearing masks zero transmissions taking place, stop listening to scientists, listen to statistics they dont lie,scientists do were just a social eperiment to them

      • Well Phil seems to be a scientist with a brain, unlike Sir Silly patrick vallance advising the government on mask wearing, he is just like dr hilary on breakfast tv saying masks are dangerous, yes there so dangerous that i have been wearing a mask since 2015 in public, in that time i have no chest infections, no flu, no sore throats, so much for masks being dangerous stop listening to prats on masks, as for dr hilary saying masks are uncomfortable your more likely to poke your nose mouth, what rubbish generally people are constantly playing with there mouth and nose, funny thing is when you have a mask on that urge and obstacle stops you doing it, Dr Hilary is has mad cow disease

  2. @Vincent what absolute nonsense. This is not an airborne disease. Thankfully we have scientists and evidence to rely on and not idiots spouting rubbish they know nothing about.

  3. Amy- the virus spreads in microscopic droplets (from talking, coughing or sneezing) – and these are airborne. The droplets can hang in the air for 3 hours or more. So in fact Vincent is correct. The droplets then land on something that someone will later touch… Cloth masks reduce that by >95%.

  4. It just makes absolute sense to wear some kind of face covering when out in public where distancing is difficult, I don’t go out without one because I don’t want to risk infecting either way so to me people are idiots who go out unprotected. It is easy to make your own at home at very little cost

    • exactly, they have no excuse to not wear one, they could just use a scarf, my local supermarket has recently started selling face masks and i’m thankful for that, i think it’s much safer if everyone wore one and then no virus would be passed on to others.

    • Vincent. Glad to hear their are a few people like yourself blessed with knowledge of the virus and common sence and wear the mask it is the only way to prevent another outbreak of this disease masks will have to be made mandatory until a vaccine is found

  5. It is airborne and Vincent is absolutely correct.Why do you think the govt has been insisting on 2 metres social Distancing ? Because if someone coughs or sneezes the viral load could land on or near your face and you could breath it in without a mask.
    In fact the spray can travel 20 feet in all because of the force it exits your mouth or nose. This is the most common way of getting it.

  6. Agee with Phil ,&Vincent. Just look at death rate of other countries (all wearing face masks) compared to UK. Only now, after over 30,000 deaths is our gvt still really reluctant to admit that masks will protect us all, along with all the other measures. Some countries in the far east did not need to have compulsory lockdown and continued to operate with facemasks.

  7. Any densley populated countries such as the UK can only benefit from wearing masks as long as everybody abides by this legislation. There is a clear correlation between similar countries that adopt mask wearing and greater control over the spread and inevitable reduction in fatality rates.

  8. My company is now selling face masks . I had a huge moral dilemma and would not have sold them if they were taking stock from the front line – they need it the most . The specification for their masks is much more strict than ours . The ones which I am now selling are of a good standard but not for the NHS . They will help stop the spread of the virus and keep the R number low .

  9. It’s only taken the UK government 3 months to realize what South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China knew on day 1.
    Face masks prevent the spread of infection.
    My wife is from Hong Kong and was a teenager during the SARS epidemic there. It was government policy to wear a mask and you wouldn’t be on the streets without wearing one.

  10. Remember listen to people who are compulsive mask wearers like myself since 2015, ive had no flu, no chest infections, no sore throats, all these things are airborne, as is covid, these scientists and doctors constantly going on about washing hands, this is not ebola which is mainly spread by bodily fluids, its a corona virus like SARS its sister its spread mainly through the air, if hand washing is so important how is it since 2015 i have not had the flu, hand washing plays 5% of stopping it masks play 95%

  11. Sell masks, we need them. NHS can have their style. Supermarkets can sell different style like reusable, public need them.
    We are Not the French & we have to go to work now too…..


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