240 job losses and 50 store closures as Harveys collapses

Harveys furniture chain Bensons for Beds administration
The company appointed PwC as administrator on Tuesday
// Harveys and Bensons for Beds owner Blue Group saves 1900 jobs with financial restructuring plan
// 1000 jobs currently remain at risk
// Bensons for Beds is to be bought back by its existing owner Alteri Investors

Harveys furniture chain has reportedly collapsed into administration with the immediate loss of 240 jobs, with more than 1300 others at risk.

The owner of Harveys and Bensons for Beds, Blue Group, has saved almost 2000 jobs with its new restructuring plan, but 1000 jobs currently remain at risk.

Blue Group is to be broken up in a financial restructuring that will save at least 1900 retail industry jobs that were left hanging in the balance by the Covid-19 crisis, Sky News reported.

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The company appointed PwC as administrator on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Harveys’ sister company Bensons for Beds is to be bought back by its existing owner, Alteri Investors, through a pre-pack administration that is expected to be confirmed on Tuesday.

Between 150 and 175 of Bensons’ stores are expected to remain open under its revamped ownership, meaning that roughly 50 will close permanently following the deal.

In total, the group employs around 3000 people, meaning more than 1000 employees have yet to be given assurance.

Blue Group chief executive Mark Jackson wrote to staff that “immediate action will be taken to ensure the part of our business with the brightest prospects can rebuild as we emerge from Covid-19”.

Under the pre-pack with Alteri, Bensons will become a standalone, vertically integrated business with the group’s bed manufacturing operations sitting within the new company.

Alteri is expected to fund a further £25 million into the company to invest in technology.

After Alteri purchased it earlier this year, Blue Group was previously owned by Steinhoff International.

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  1. Aparantly some of the harvey’s stores will be turned into one large bensons for beds hopefully the staff will be retained in these difficult times. I hope the public will be mindful of the poor staff in harvey’s before shouting at them to you yes its money or a sofa to them it’s food for there family and a roof over there heads #bemindful

    • Did harveys change contact details before lockdown for all harveys staff knowing they would put harveys into administration during lockdown? Therefore abuse of the hmrc furlow scheme evidence I have appears to show this alteri unfortunately you have been rumbled.

  2. Its sick that they are using the coronavirus as an excuse. It has been their intention before the virus to get rid of Harvey’s and keep Bensons as a going concern.

  3. I was made redundant from the company as a delivery driver on Tuesday afternoon via a recorded message, no warnings or anything absolutely disgusting and disgraceful the way it was handled. Now too here that jobs will be saved but not in N.Ireland sure they didn’t care about us anyway. Easy way to get shot of good people, hard workers and team players.


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