Retail Gazette Loves: Superdrug’s new initiative to combat cyberbullying

Superdrug is pledging to take a stand against cyberbullying in partnership with anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label and will be actively responding to any negative comments and encouraging users to spread positivity and #BeKind online.
“At Superdrug, we are proud to provide a safe space for our customers and staff, both in store and online."

Superdrug has unveiled its anti-bullying pledge to help combat online trolling on social media.

Following a spike in “unacceptable negative messages” while highlighting emerging talent on its platforms, Superdrug has partnered with youth organisation Ditch the Label to remind social media users users to #BeKind online and create a bully-free zone.

Ditch The Label is one of the largest youth organisations in the world, and works to support young people with bullying, mental health, relationships and identity, through programmes and education.

As part of this initiative Superdrug is pledging to take a strong stance against negative behaviour online and instead encourage people to use their online platforms to spread positivity.

“At Superdrug, we are proud to provide a safe space for our customers and staff, both in store and online,” Superdrug head of marketing Gemma Mason said.

“We pride ourselves on being a company that supports and includes everyone.”

Alongside the collaboration with Ditch the Label, the retailer is teaming up with social media influencers Imogenation, Simone Powderly and Georgia Rankin, to spread the word about the campaign.

Superdrug has already started responding to negative or hateful comments across their social media platforms with the following statement:

“At Superdrug, we want our social spaces to be a positive experience for everyone. We won’t tolerate cyber bullying or unnecessary, hurtful comments. We’d like to ask that if you have nothing nice to say, that you don’t say anything at all. Please be kind to each other, and keep our comments section a safe space for everyone.#Bekind”

Ditch the Label chief executive Liam Hackett said: “It’s always encouraging when other voices join our cause so we are delighted to support Superdrug with the anti-bullying initiative #BeKind in making a stand against online bullying.

“Together we can make a difference in the lives of anyone affected by bullying and online abuse.”

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  1. Well let’s hope they haven’t spent a penny on this as it’s just another useless project that will just go ignored like the rest of the anti-bullying campaigns that have come and gone. Bullying has and always will exist in some form or another, it’s unfortunate and saddening, but true.

    Social media is and will always remain a divisive cesspit. Debate on there usually turns sour and becomes a slanging match of name calling because people are hiding behind a screen. An individual however has the option to block whoever they want and keep their account private and that’s the pay off and the security that is provided on a public platform. If you don’t like someone – simply click and block them.

    But saying #BeKind to a bullying troll on social media is the equivalent of saying #Don’tRob to a thief. It won’t do anything to stop them and it doesn’t do anything to solve the actual problem.


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