36,000 sign petition against Tesco cleaning duties decision

36,000 sign petition against Tesco's cleaning duties decision
Tesco Metro & Tesco Express staff - will have to take on new cleaning tasks on top of their regular tasks on the shop floor.
// Petition against Tesco decision to force shop workers to take over cleaning duties has garnered 36,000 signatures
// Tesco recently announced plans to axe cleaning contractors and transfer the tasks to shop floor workers
// The move will affect 1920 staff across Tesco Metro and Express stores from August 24

An online petition opposing Tesco’s decision to force shop workers to take over cleaning duties has garnered 36,000 signatures.

Organised by campaigning platform Organise, the petition was established after Big 4 grocer announced staff in 1920 of its Metro and Express stores would soon be given extra workload in light of a move to axe its cleaning contractors.

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From August 24, the contract cleaners’ duties, which includes washing windows and mopping floors, will be transferred to store staff – who will have to take on the new cleaning tasks on top of their regular tasks on the shop floor.

The affected shop floor staff will also have to start cleaning their own break rooms and toilets.

The move comes as the coronavirus pandemic has made high hygiene standards a top priority for retailers.

Tesco has denied the changes were a cost-cutting move, but rather a response to a trial that showed stores “were cleaner when colleagues took ownership of general cleaning”.

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  1. I can certainly understand Tesco’s thinking, however, if the concern is that contract cleaners aren’t do an excellent job, the store manager should report this and insist on a replacement.

  2. Having previously worked for a British-owned discount chain, I can confirm that for some of retail at least this is a normal practice, although likely a bit of a surprise should you not have been responsible for it previously.

  3. Do you really want to be served food by someone that has just cleaned the toilet, even if they have time to follow hygiene rules they will still be wearing the same clothing and that is bound to be contaminated.

  4. Sounds like shelves will not be quickly replenished. Queues at checkouts while we wait for the colleague to return from cleaning duties.
    Will definitely shop elsewhere.
    One size doesn’t fit all!!

  5. Not surprised at all, but people will still shop there, after all, what do you think your normal corner shop do? Some staff will leave but be replaced. I have worked at several retailers where this is the norm.

  6. Perhaps Ken Murphy et al. can break out the mops and buckets to give the Welwyn HQ a good once over at the end of each day! Nothing like leading by example is there Ken?

  7. So when you go to a restaurant, do you not think the service staff clean the tables, toilets and floors….um they do!! Will you stop eating out???


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