Northern Ireland’s £100 high street voucher scheme to open in September

Northern Ireland's £100 high street voucher scheme to open in September
// Northern Ireland £100 high street voucher scheme to open to the public for registration in September
// Contract for the delivery of the scheme has been awarded to Prepaid Financial Services
// Northern Ireland Retail Consortium bosses welcomed the move

A high street voucher scheme that will give everyone in Northern Ireland aged 18 and over a pre-paid card worth £100 is set to open to the public for registration in September.

Economy Minister Gordon Lyons made the announcement as he unveiled that the contract for the delivery of the scheme has been awarded to Prepaid Financial Services (PFS).

Lyons also revealed a “Spend Local” logo which will feature on each of the cards which are intended to encourage spending at retailers that have been badly affected by the Covid-19 lockdowns.


Speaking during a visit to businesses in Carrickfergus, he said: “My department is planning for the scheme to go live in September and I want to ensure everyone who is eligible can receive their pre-paid card as soon as possible after registration.

“As a first step in that process I would urge members of the public to sign up for the electoral register if they have not already done so, as we plan to use the register to check registrations for the high street scheme.”

Lyons added: “This scheme is a key element of my department’s Economic Recovery Action Plan and will give a very welcome boost to our high streets which were hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. This uplift is what our local businesses need and deserve.

“It will mean up to 1.4 million people will have an extra £100 each to spend on our high streets rather than online.

“This will help bring many more customers back through the doors of local retail, hospitality and other sectors.

“I look forward to seeing the benefits this scheme will bring to the wide range of businesses situated in the heart of towns, villages and cities across Northern Ireland.”

Northern Ireland Retail Consortium bosses welcomed the move.

“The past year has been one of the hardest on record for our retail industry and our high streets because of the pandemic,” director Aodhan Connolly said.

“This scheme will give a welcome boost to high street retailers and other consumer-facing sectors in towns and cities in Northern Ireland.

Chief executive Glyn Roberts said: “This scheme is a win-win for our members and our high streets.

“It will be a significant spending boost for struggling independent retailers as we progress the long road toward recovery.

“Seventy pence in every pound spent with an independent retailer is recycled around the economy, supporting local producers, farmers and manufacturers.

“So it is vital that consumers make a special effort to spend this pre-paid card with local traders to ensure the widest possible boost to our economy.”

A similar voucher scheme is being considered in Scotland, as well as in some local council areas in Wales.

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  1. Once u apply in September and r on the electriol roll u fillbin form and will get a £100 pre paid credit card but u have to wait till SEPTEMBER

  2. why don’t they spend the 150 million its going to cost on the NHS so people waiting for cancer treatment and other surgeries aren’t waiting as long?

  3. Must this £100 be applied for, and if you are already on the electoral register do you still have to apply and what about elderly who do not have access to to computer and eyesight not able to write???

  4. Im signed up but don’t see why when we was ment to get it back in January to help people get supply’s when everything was shut down while Americans were getting 1000 pound cheques with no strings attached to support them. Its all a joke


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