Morrisons to cut sick pay for unvaccinated staff

Morrisons faces legal action after its plans to reduce the amount paid to unvaccinated staff
// Morrisons takes “dangerous and retrograde step” by cutting sick pay for unvaccinated staff
// The grocer aims to encourage more workers to be vaccinated with this new policy

Morrisons has faced backlash for its “dangerous and retrograde step” in cutting sick pay for unvaccinated staff, as it hopes to encourage jab uptake.

The Big 4 grocer is now at risk of dealing with legal action after plans to reduce the amount paid to staff who had not been vaccinated and had been told to self-isolate.

Morrisons said it was pushing through the change in an effort to encourage more workers to be vaccinated.

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Lawyers and union chiefs have warned the grocer of legal action.

The pay cut will not apply to those who have not been given the chance to get two vaccine doses or those who have Covid-19 symptoms.

Morrisons intends to save money and encourage vaccine uptake by changing the policy, but unions said there is a risk staff will avoid isolating when they should do so.

Unite national health and safety adviser, Rob Miguel said: “Unite absolutely encourages people who are able to get vaccinated, but we also strongly believe the process should be voluntary as there are many people unable to be vaccinated for legitimate reasons.

“Such strong-arm tactics will result in issues around equalities, human rights and ethical breaches.

“The pandemic has taught us that workers who can’t afford to self-isolate will be tempted to continue working, as the economic consequences of not doing so are dire.”

Lawyers said the company could also face discrimination claims over the move, in particular from those with disabilities who were medically able to get the vaccine, but had opted not to.

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  1. It’s the people who have been vaccinated, that are the real threat. The vaccine is not a cure, and you can still get this so called covid. So if you have been vaccinated and still get covid, you get paid, but if unvaccinated you don’t! What’s the difference you still have covid? Again all blame on unvaccinated people, who are the sensible one’s. People smoking drinking eating rubbish all their lives, have never cared about their health, but suddenly they are all concerned for their health! Utter idiots.

  2. I’ve had both vaccines and understand that the vaccine immunity won’t last forever and the virus will be here to stay regardless. We tried to beat a virus and failed, which was expected due to human history and medical science.

    So taking the fact into account that much of the British population will lose some degree of our our immunity to the virus and won’t be getting further vaccines (unless news of this changes), this is just discrimination towards the workers. Morrisons would never have made up this policy with other viruses, so why now? It’s an overreaction. The same overreaction made by our institutions, government and media.

    The public are learning to live with the virus, why aren’t Morrisons?

  3. So Morrisons is Health No Choice Campainers now, i thought they sold groceries. When truth comes out about these non vaccines i hope they are sued big time.


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