Poundstretcher launches “warehouse clearance” 50% off sale

// Poundstretcher offers half price discounts in branches across the UK
// Sixteen more stores are due to launch the sales this week

Poundstretcher has launched a half price discounts in branches across the UK in what has been advertised as a “warehouse clearance”.

The sale has been spotted by shoppers at more than half a dozen store locations, from Darlington to Southend.

Sixteen stores are due to launch the sales this week or next, on top of a number already staging them.

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Poundstretcher’s Newport store has also shared on social media that it’s doing 50% off everything from Tuesday this week.

It also said: “For anyone thinking we are closing down…this is not true.”

Poundstretcher has around 400 branches across the country.

In October 2021, the value retailer warned that product prices will rise in the lead up to Christmas as chief executive Aziz Tayub pledged to soak up some of the potential rises from big brands including Coca Cola, Fox’s, Kellogg’s and Heinz.

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  1. The prices seem to have been increased, before the 50% off. Example Mr Sheen in ASDA at £1, in Pounstretcher at £1.89 (That’s some stretch).

  2. Yep, last week Ritcher dog food was 6.99 this week 9.99. With the 50% off is still 1.99 less (still a bargain) but not quite the discount you might be expecting.
    I didn’t know about the 50% off so happy I didn’t have to pay the extra £3 for the bag, the 1.99 off was a nice surprise.

  3. Hike up price and then offer 50 % discount to entice customers… In reality a crafty trick to boost sales.. Sneaky too.. Typical of its hierarchy

  4. Deceiving customers by 50% off offer. For example flat white Dolce Gusto coffee pods originally were £3.29 but were priced at £5.99 at time of 50% offer which took it to £3. Only a 29p saving not 50% at all. So deceiving.

  5. What a CON. There was a couple of plant pots that I really liked so went to buy them. I had bought one last year, or it could have even been two years ago at £5.99, and nearly bought one a couple of weeks ago, £7.99, but I had to much to carry. Price on Friday £9.99, I also buy foot/hand masks from there, usually £1 but now £1.89.

  6. Went in store and the 50%discount caught my eye went to buy some logs for wood burner retail recently at £4.50 now priced at £8.99, very under handed,

  7. Went to Grantham shop . Everything increased in price .Eg pack of washing machine cleaner is £1 everywhere but £1.50 in poundstretcher so the 50%off isn’t quite what it seems .Toilet rolls £6.99 are only £5 in Heron.Large Comfort at £9 99 only £4.99 in B&M.Be careful.

  8. I noticed straight away that prices had increased even before seeing the (50%) off over £5 basket, However I purchased a double memory foam mattress topper, a double mattress protector and a memory foam pillow all for £35 I couldn’t anything near that price in Dunelm . This price strategy might be clever but looks a bit risky to me customers aren’t stupid and will soon work out the real value, I do like shopping in Poundstretcher


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