Monday, October 22, 2018

Special feature: UK retailers are wasting £300 million worth of energy

While change in retailing is constant, a continual flux causes crisis.  Many stores in the UK are struggling to exist as the sector is...
2017 retail trends

Looking ahead: Retailers’ top predictions for 2017

2016 proved to be one of the most unpredictable years in recent history. Few would have guessed at the advent of the year what the landscape of the retail sector would look like in 12 months.
retail trends

COMMENT: What to expect in retail trends for 2017

2016 was a rollercoaster of a year and left us all feeling that nothing can take us by surprise anymore.  
Disney retail

Big Interview: Francesca Romana Gianesin, Fashion & Lifestyle VP, Disney

Disney is a company so synonymous with popular culture that it's often hard to categorise. Having undertaken a monumental expansion process in the past...

COMMENT: That was 2016 … now for 2017

The momentous political changes of 2016 are going to have a big impact on business and the retail sector in the New Year. No...
10 biggest retail news

10 Biggest Retail News of 2016

Here are the top 10 stories that made waves in the retail sector this year — as picked by Retail Gazette's journalist Ben Stevens and editor Elias Jahshan.

Special Feature: The Top 6 Things You Need to Create Emotional Loyalty

Trusted brands often evoke a positive emotional connection with customers, but brands that go further and appeal to customers on an individual basis enjoy...
Corporate governance

What is wrong the Britain’s corporate governance?

The issue is no longer contained to the financial sector. Retailers are increasingly making headlines over poor corporate governance practices.

5 Minutes With Josh Rathour, CEO & Founder, UNiDAYS

Josh Rathour is the founder and chief executive of UNiDAYS, one of the UK‘s fastest-growing websites that has a strong retail focus. An entrepreneur...
customer expectations

COMMENT: How to manage delivery expectations over Christmas

Customers‘ expectations need managing, and if you want to avoid the same kind of tears on Christmas morning you need to make sure your message is clear.  

Feature Resource

What will your workforce want and need,  now and in the...

Today's on-demand consumer mentality means businesses now operate in an ‘always-on’ economy. To meet customer demand for 24/7 access to products and services, businesses...