Becki Gorman, Unsung Hero M&S profile community

Unsung Hero: Becki Gorman, M&S Cheetham Hill Store Manager

After beating a life-threatening tumour, many would want to take it slow when returning to work. This wasn't an option for Becki Gorman (...)
Rose Morgan Morrisons Peckham worker who convinced her CEO David Potts to give away sunflower seeds

Unsung Hero: Rose Morgan, Morrisons

Rose Morgan, who works at Morrisons' Peckham store, came up with the idea to help customers plant hope for a brighter future as (...)
Vision Foundation Phil Beaven ebay charity shop retail community pandemic covid

Unsung Hero: Vision Foundation

Despite lockdown threating thousands of charity shops on UK high streets, Vision Foundation has managed to adapt and expand (...)
Scott Ward, a retail operations manager at Central England Coop speaks to the Retail Gazette about deciding to begin an Apprenticeship after 25 years at the business, studying during lockdown and managing his work life balance.

Unsung Hero: Scott Ward, Retail Operations Manager, Central England Co-op

Central England Coop regional operations manager Scott Ward speaks to Retail Gazette on working while doing an apprenticeship.
James Eid speaks to the Retail Gazette on creating his affordable face mask business Signature Masks, why donating to Beirut was so important to him and juggling work life while being a university student.

Unsung Hero: James Eid, Founder, Signature Masks

19 year old James Eid discusses building Signature Masks during the pandemic and donating 3000 masks to Beirut.
Bernie de Le Cuona, the founder and CEO of de Le Cuona, the luxury fabrics and home furnishing retailer speaks to the Retail Gazette about her owning and running a business amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Unsung Hero: Bernie de Le Cuona, Founder & CEO, De Le Cuona

Bernie de Le Cuona on her experience owning and running a successful business in the time of coronavirus.
Why Hilary Allen volunteered at her local Co-op during Covid-19 pandemic

Unsung Hero: Hilary Allen, Covid-19 volunteer, Central England Co-op

Hilary Allen has been helping to provide food and essentials to her community by volunteering at her local Central England Co-op
Angela Lillis spoke to Retail Gazette about being named one of Women in Data's Twenty in Data & Technology her career in data and analytics, Marks & Spencers and inspiring more women into careers in tech.

Unsung Hero: Angela Lillis, Data Insight Manager, M&S Clothing & Home

Angela Lillis discusses women in technology and her work at M&S.
Michele Venton created her 8 figure business GirlZone from her own home and became a top seller on Amazon in the short time of 2 years. She spoke to The Retail Gazette on the importance of inspiring and helping other working mothers through flexible working options and mentoring.

Unsung Hero: Michele Venton

Michele Venton isn't just a businesswoman, she's a champion for working mothers worldwide.
Alice Boaten spoke to Retail Gazette about winning the 2019 Barclaycard everywoman in Retail Awards top accolade: Woman of the Year and her career in retail, starting out as a seasonal temp at Argos to becoming a regional manager for the business.

Unsung Hero: Alice Boaten

Alice Boaten on her career at Argos, successes and tips for other women wanting a career in retail.

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