Friday, September 24, 2021

QVC app offers live TV broadcasts on the go

TV shopping retailer QVC has updated its iPhone app to allow customers to stream live TV in full-screen mode on their mobile handsets.

The update gives viewers the option to view the channel in 16:9 live streaming and offers customers the chance to browse products from current and recent programmes while watching the channel live on their smartphones.

A TV Guide means that shoppers can plan their viewing up to three weeks in advance, which the retailer hopes will improve sales as customers can seek out products from the previous week‘s schedule and time shows to highlight products of interest.

Regularly updating its app is a priority for the multichannel company, and earlier this year a number of new features were added to the existing mobile offering.

A ‘Buy Now‘ feature was brought into the existing application in February which enabled registered customers to make purchases using their account number and pin.

Gina Deeble, Director of Multichannel Planning & Commerce at QVC UK, explained that the company has been looking at ways to enhance the customer experience.

“Our iPhone app has proved to be incredibly popular since it launched in February, now representing 2.4 per cent of sales, and we anticipate that it will generate five per cent of sales by the end of next year,” she commented.

“Streaming the live TV channel means that customers on the go will never miss out on our latest products, whilst the ability to search through recent programmes ensures that they can seek out and order products that they may have missed on the TV.

“With these latest updates QVC really is the destination for convenience shopping whether at home or on the go.”


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