Sunday, September 15, 2019

Hotel Chocolat launches new website


Luxury chocolatier and cocoa grower, Hotel Chocolat has chosen Postcode Anywhere‘s Capture+ for its online check-out address finder for its new website.

The technology works by allowing users to type in the first line of an address and then the software will provide addresses matching that first line to choose from. Similar to predictive typing in a search engine, the application will predict what you are searching for and changes accordingly as you continue to type.

Since the technology has been put into practice, Hotel Chocolat said it saw an increase in sales conversions of 19 per cent and improved quality of its database.

The firm recently launched its new global digital platform, which for the first time promotes its full portfolio of chocolate products, boutique St.Lucian hotel and Cocoa Juvenate beauty products.

Matthew Keys, Digital Marketing Manager from Hotel Chocolat said the consensus from independent usability studies on Capture + had been ‘very positive.‘

He said: “It is a more intuitive solution to the traditional postcode look-up process. Everyone knows their own postcode but they may not be sure of a friend or relative‘s address, quite often relying on one key piece of information such as the house name or number.

“The fact that it has the capability of working over a wide-range of geographic territories is also important as we now have a growing market presence in the in the United States and continental Europe.”

Keys added: “A key priority for us was to ensure that all customer, gift recipient and prospect contact data captured was accurate, clean and up-to-date. It‘s crucial to populate web forms with accurate delivery address details to ensure we meet customer expectations.”

Guy Mucklow, Postcode Anywhere‘s CEO said: “It‘s imperative to make every customer‘s experience easy and hassle-free across your website – from sign-up, through purchase, right through to delivery.

“Hotel Chocolat clearly sees the importance of these issues, and Postcode Anywhere is privileged to play an integral part in their continued success.”