Workplace release retro database game for retailers

When you return home from a job in retail the last thing on your mind is to play a game that involves more work.

But cloud-based workforce management provider, Workplace, have launched a retro game which allows players to be a virtual operations manager who is tasked with achieving five star SQRs and running an efficient store that makes a healthy profit.

Game features include selecting staff with the right skills and monitoring working hours across all team members to ensure nobody is working costly overtime hours at a premium rate.

The Workplace ‘eye‘ guides players through the game to help them achieve a high SQR by offering guidance on managing the store environment and alerting them to hazards such as spillages in the aisles or staff becoming unhappy from being overworked

Britt Davies, chief marketing officer at Workplace said the gamification element of the game has proved to be effective in driving employee engagement.

“The one-to-five star score indicates the quality of a schedule, and places managers in healthy competition with one another.”

The game is free to play at


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