Saturday, January 22, 2022

eBay announces new image requirements for sellers

Online giant eBay has announced new image requirements for sellers as it adapts to strong mobile demand and an increasingly visual shopping experience for buyers.

If you don‘t post a photo you will recieve no eBay listing and stock photo listings will not be allowed, meaning sellers will have to list a photo of the actual item they are selling. Artwork, text or borders will also be prohibited.

The changes are designed to stop sellers from misleading buyers.

Additional changes that came into place on October 30, includes uploading at least one picture to all listings when using Turbo Lister and ensuring the longest side of all pictures are at least 500 pixels.

Vehicle Parts & Accessories and Ticket categories are not affected.

Gev Rotem, CEO of RotaryView said the new requirements were a clear indication of how important product images are to the online shopping experience.

“Images are an essential component to helping increase confident purchases and reduce return rates, he said. “The visual demand continues to drive engaging shopping experiences, encouraging retailers to better merchandise with tools such as 360 degree views, product videos, and magnifying capabilities.”

The news comes as eBay acquired same-day delivery company Shutl as it seeks to improve its local delivery service.


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