Saturday, February 23, 2019

2014 World Cup: Who‘s set to be the big retail winner?


This summer‘s World Cup in Brazil is set to provide a timely boost for grocery, sport and household electrical retailers.

However, it is widely expected that England‘s performance will be crucial to how much UK consumers choose to spend during the tournament.

A report from Conlumino and Webloyalty found the World Cup will be worth £630m to retail.

Furthermore, a survey by internet hosting company Peer 1 found that British people are also planning on spending between £100-300 on food, drink and upgrading their entertainment systems.

Food and drink such as Brazilian wines, burgers, sausages and beer could prove popular as people gear up for a summer of sport. Dixons Retail launched a three part campaign this week to promote its range of HD and Ultra Smart TV‘s in the run-up to the tournament, while Waitrose is gearing up for a sales spike in its online wine shop.

However, research by Webloyalty poured cold water on optimism and revealed low levels of enthusiasm about the tournament, with 40 per cent of people not planning to watch any matches at all (compared to 2010, when three quarters of the population tuned in). They say spending will reach £16 per head.

Despite 99 per cent of people thinking the lofty price of £60- £90 for an England shirt is “unacceptable,” market research company The NPD Group predicts the global football merchandise market will rise 8 per cent year-on-year to be worth £10bn this year.

What has been your experience of marketing your business for the World Cup?