Aldi overtakes John Lewis to be top UK brand


German discount supermarket Aldi has overtaken John Lewis and BBC to be named the public‘s most popular brand.

Aldi (1) and Lidl (4) entered the top ten for the first time in the mid-year YouGov Brand Index poll, mirroring a successful year for both businesses. Aldi plan to double its UK stores to 1,000 while Lidl will spend £220m to expand across the UK.

The BrandIndex measures the positive and negative sentiments generated across media and word of mouth.

The rise of the ‘savvy shopper‘ was mirrored in the emergence of in the top ten for the first time. Tech brand Samsung slipped from second to ninth, while upmarket grocer Waitrose rose from ninth to fifth.

Sainsbury‘s have shown resilience by holding onto their top 10 position in a very challenging grocery market.

Sarah Murphy, BrandIndex director at YouGov, said: “The budget grocery stores are making deep inroads into the supermarket sector and are also shaking up the retail landscape too, with Aldi coming in ahead of established brands such as John Lewis.

“Consumers want to do their weekly shops affordably while losing nothing in terms of quality and they believe these German brands do this.”

Aldi was set up by Anna Albrecht in the German mining town of Essen in 1914 and by 1948 her two sons had taken over the business and expanded to four locations. It expanded to Britain in 1990 and has over 4,000 stores worldwide.


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