Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Gucci Westman says goodbye to Revlon


Gucci Westman, Global Artistic Director for Revlon, has announced that she is leaving her role from 15 April.

After joining in 2008, Westman created colour collections or ‘colour stories‘ which have been linked to the company‘s global success. Martine Williamson, Senior Vice President at Revlon commented on how Westman, “helped elevate the brand within the world of fashion and inspired us to push the envelope in the colour collection category”.

Famous for her attention to detail, Westman is recognised for pushing the company‘s exuberant image. She leaves the American beauty brand as it aims to encompass a ‘bigger strategy‘.

Financial results last year were not necessarily ground-breaking for the retailer, due to weak foreign currencies on its international markets. However, Revlon showed unquestionable growth in its Professional Segment as the business integrated TCG into the company and introduced its ‘Love is on Campaign‘, pushed by Benjamin Karsch, Revlon CMO. 2014 saw a net sales increase of 4.7%, leaving Revlon President and Chief Executive Officer, Lorenzo Delpani to comment, “2014 was a year of significant change and transformation, resulting in strong growth for Revlon‘s business”.

Having undoubtedly contributed to the company‘s growth, Westman told WWD:

“It‘s been an incredible seven years, and I loved the variety of experiences – this was a great chapter in my career, and I‘m excited for all that‘s ahead.”

It is not yet known where Westman‘s next move will be or who (if anyone) will replace her. With the thumbs up from Martine Williamson, Revlon‘s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and a name made for the beauty industry, Gucci Westman has a clear creative path ahead of her.

“Gucci has left a lasting impression on our brand that will not be soon forgotten. We wish her all the best going forward in her exciting and colourful career”, Williamson said.