Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Does Every Little Help? Is Tesco‘s new advertising campaign heading down the right aisle?


This weekend Tesco has reiterated its commitment to its customers with the return of its TV advertising campaign. With the festive period looming, the Big Four retailer aims to re-establish its “Every Little Helps” tag-line by presenting a number of ways it helps its customers in the advertisements.

Michelle McEttrick, Group Brand Director at Tesco, said: “For the last year we‘ve been putting customers right back at the heart of everything we do, from improvements in customer service, to launching our new Brand Guarantee. So this new campaign presented us with the ideal opportunity to showcase some of those ‘little helps‘ we aim to provide customers with each day.”

The first two adverts aired on Sunday night, presenting a new ‘Tesco family‘ as they browsed through their local store. The campaign aims to showcase improvements put in place at Tesco over the last year in areas such as customer service, availability and lowered prices on everyday household brands.

McEttrick added: “Tesco has always been at its best when putting customers first and we hope the new campaign demonstrates our efforts to serve customers a little better every day. We‘re really excited to hear what our customers and colleagues think of the new campaign.”

While the new campaign is expected to receive a positive response from the grocer‘s loyal customers, the retail giant is under scrutiny from the advertising watchdog. The supermarket giant‘s new “Brand Guarantee” promise is said to defy a previous ruling that the retailer put in place.

Following the worst year in its history, Tesco aims to lure in shoppers with a scheme that enables refunds at the checkouts if branded goods are cheaper elsewhere. However, the promotion fails to clarify that customers are only entitled to a refund if they buy more than 10 items and if it is against Tesco‘s Big Four rivals.

Furthermore, Tesco‘s additional slogan “Never pay more for your branded shop” does not adhere to Advertising Standards Agency guidelines. The supermarket will only give a refund if the entire branded basket is cheaper elsewhere, rather than on individual products.

With the upcoming Christmas period, it is crucial that Tesco ensures successful trading while adhering to ASA rules.