Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Dwell furnishes continuing expansion


Dwell‘s high street comeback is official.

Just two years since being on the brink of collapse, from which it was saved last year when sofa specialist DFS acquired it, Dwell is continuing the second phase of its nationwide expansion.

Over the Boxing Day weekend the homewares retailer will open a new 5,500 sq ft concept store in Oxford, part of a strategy that will result in a 40% footprint increase by next year.

When DFS bought Dwell out of administration, Chief Exec Ian Filby said at the time that Dwell was a modernist brand and would help bring the “younger, more urban consumers” to DFS, customers that had not previously been targeted.

The new concept stores from Dwell, which currently trades from nine other locations, will offer customers “a more immersive shopping experience”, developed in partnership with retail design experts. They will feature bespoke interiors that emulate “contemporary apartment living”.

“We are confident and optimistic about the future of Dwell,” said Dwell CEO Aamir Ahmad who founded the business in 2003. “Strong sales and healthy margins are encouraging and we are looking forward to continuing on this trajectory in 2016.” 


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