Thursday, February 21, 2019

Marks and Spencer‘s Laura Wade-Gery is taking full maternity leave

Laura Wade-Gery

Laura Wade-Gery, the most senior female executive at Marks & Spencer‘s, is extending her maternity leave from four months to a full year.

Wade-Gery, who has previously been cited as the successor to current M&S boss Marc Bolland, announced in July that she would be taking maternity leave until early January. Now the high street retailer has announced that Wade-Gery will be taking the full extent of her leave right up until September 1.

Until this time, M&S‘s Chief Financial Officer Helen Weir will continue to oversee ecommerce distribution. Director of Retail Sacha Berendji and David Walmsley Director of M& will report to the Bolland.

Wade-Gery was poached by M&S in 2011 from her job as Chief Exec. She was welcomed to M&S with a £4m ‘golden hello‘