Saturday, August 13, 2022

Ecommerce jobs gain value in UK industry

There has been a marked increase in the average salaries for ecommerce roles in the UK.

According to a new survey of 550 people by recruitment consultancy Cranberry Panda, salary bands across various jobs in ecommerce have increased since 2015.

Digital ecommerce project managers have seen their average pay rise from £35,000 to £70,000 in 2015 to £45,000 to £90,000. The trend continues across ecommerce, with directors of digital marketing earning £70,000 to £120,000 a year, compared to £60,000 to £95,000 previously.

The survey also highlights a number of positions that have increased in prominence over the last year, such as social media managers and web analysts. It all points to a general, country wide recognition of the value of investing in ecommerce and establishing a digital presence for doing business.

“There is an increasing need for specialists and new niche roles are being created,” said CEO and Founder of Cranberry Panda Jonathan Hall. “Fast growth pureplays now have paid social teams split across the various social platforms. An Instagram and Pinterest analyst was asked for recently.

“Ecommerce team structures are changing and as a result roles are diversifying. UX specialists are now a need in most mid-sized teams. This will only continue as teams continue to expand.”

The survey also highlighted a decrease in the disparity between male and female wages in ecommerce. Within the survey group, 13% of women earned between £70,000 and £350,000, compared to 24% of men. In 2015 these figures stood at 11% of women and 29% of men. Similarly, 69% of women fell into the £25,000 to £70,000 salary band, compared to 68% of men. Last year, the figure was 76% of women and 62% of men in ecommerce.


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