Game angers customers over £5 per 10 minute VR trials

Game has announced controversial plans to charge customers to try the demo of the PlayStation virtual reality headset.

The struggling gaming retailer posted its pricing on Twitter, charging £5 for 10 minutes of time with the new hardware. 

Customers need to book their time slot prior to the demo.

If a customer decides to buy the headset following the demonstration, the money spent is deducted from the final price of the purchase, which currently retails at £350.

However, if a customer places a deposit on the device, you are allowed a 30-minute demonstration in store.



The retailer recently posted an 84 per cent drop in profits as customer increasingly opt for digital downloads of games, rather than visiting the retailer.

In light of this, Game is depending on sales of hardware such as the virtual reality devices to help reinvigorate retail sales.

Many potential customers have taken to social media to express their anger at the retailer’s rates.

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