Axle fault prompts Brompton to recall almost 150,000 bikes


Brompton has announced a voluntary recall of almost 150,000 folding bicycles after a faulty axle led to one cyclist suffering an injury.

The London-based bicycle brand is recalling 144,000 folding bikes made between April 2014 and May 2017, as a German part had failed in one in 5000 bikes – which could leave affected riders unable to pedal.

The part in question, a bottom bracket cartridge, complies with international safety standards — the company‘s criteria are stricter.

As a result, Brompton has instructed affected riders to take their bikes to a certified dealer where the bracket will be replaced free of charge.

Brompton also trades directly to consumers via its website and through “Brompton Junction” show rooms in London, as well as other cities in Europe and China.

Brompton chief executive Will Butler-Adams said the recall was possibly “going overboard” but the company wanted to protect its reputation.

“We have had an increased number of failures,” he said.

“It‘s not particularly high but sufficient to give concern. We have had a small number on cases where the metal has cracked and broken.”

He added:  “This is a hassle, a pain [for riders], and we are really sorry about that and potentially we‘re going overboard but it is critical to us to protect the experience of our customers.

“We are founded on quality … founded on really good quality engineering. So if we have the slightest concern we have to act.”

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