Poundland looks to penetrate the sex toy market with extension of £1 Nooky toys range

Poundland sex toy

Research conducted by Poundland has found that British people are not as prudish as often suggested, prompting them to extend its range of £1 sex toys.

A survey of 1156 men and 920 women found that 54 per cent of people are swapping weekends away for an evening of love-making at home.

As a result, the discount retailer‘s “Nooky” range of sex toys will now include a finger fun stimulator, vibrating love ring, joy ring, sexual vitality supplements, supplement for men and pure lube.

Poundland’s £1 bullet vibrator, released in October last year, was an instant bestseller.
The high street chain said it gave shoppers a 90 per cent saving compared with the high street and online stores selling similar products.

Poundland‘s research also found that 28 per cent of men would be happy buying sex toys as part of their weekly shop – compared with just 12 per cent of women.

In addition, 68 per cent of women feel embarrassed going into high street sex shops.

“It’s often thought Brits are prudish when discussing their sex lives, but we’ve found people are actually shopping for sex toys every month,” sex and behaviour expert Dr Pam Spurr said.

“Poundland’s Nooky sex toys are giving couples the excuse to make the most of the cold winter weather between the sheets instead of spending hundreds on a dirty weekend away.”

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