Retail Gazette Loves: The World‘s Smallest Car Dealership


Peugeot has taken motor retail to new heights by opening a dealership that’s just 2.6sq ft inside a London phone box.

From September 12 until the end of the month, customers will be able to order a brand-new Peugeot from inside the world‘s smallest dealership, situated on Russell Square in central London.

Customers can access the dealership by getting a special code from Peugeot‘s website.

When inside, they can place their order via a tablet using the brand‘s “Order Online” platform.

“Not that many years ago, the process of buying a new car involved reading lots of printed literature and trawling around dealerships,” Peugeot‘s managing director David Peel said.

“Now, despite a car being the second-largest purchase most people make in a lifetime, it can be done from anywhere – even from inside a phone box.

“We recognise that the retail landscape is ever-changing and consumers like to have the freedom and flexibility that comes with browsing online, without the pressure of having to negotiate or make snap decisions.

“Order Online puts our customers firmly in the driving seat, allowing them to chop and change what they want and make a decision in their own time, in their own space.”

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  1. But, but, but, why don’t customers just order online? Why the need to go to a telephone box to order online via a tablet? What did I miss?


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