Amazon Dash button range expands one year after UK launch

Amazon Dash

Amazon has expanded its Dash button service with new brands added to the range, just over a year after it was introduced in the UK.

UK customers can now choose from 100 different branded buttons across dozens of categories.

Amazon Dash button are wifi-connected buttons which automatically order household products when pressed.

The buttons, which come with reusable adhesive and removable hook to enable use anywhere around the house, are linked to the Amazon shopping app and orders are made through an Amazon Prime account.

The buttons cost £4.99 each and users receive a discount on their first order on the buttons.

“Dash Buttons are a convenient, easy and reliable way to re-order your everyday favourites,” said Jorrit Van der Meulen, vice president at Amazon Devices International.

Dash Button orders have delivered over 160,000 cups of coffee and almost 300,000 rolls of toilet tissue paper.

The most popular item ordered by customers via buttons is toilet roll, followed by dishwasher tablets, cat litter, cat food, beer, mouthwash and baby wipes.

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