Retail Gazette Loves: The publicly-named wine that’s not Winey McWineface


Alcohol retailer Naked Wines recently invited the public to select the name of a new English sparkling wine.

In an unprecedented (and brave) move, Naked Wines allowed the blend and name of the new sparkling wine to be selected by “Naked’s Angels”, or customers to you and me.

Although the company pre-empted the will of the public and vetoed the name “Winey McWineface”, other great names like “Fizzy McFizzface”, “Bubbly Jubbly” and “Spiffing Sparkles” were put forward.


Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your appreciation of silly names), none of these made the short list. The top three were:

  • Beora “The name of the Saxon chief who the village Barham was named after” Paul from Gloucestershire
  • Angels‘ Expression – “A nod to the Angels who made this wine a reality, and the expressive blend chosen by us” Douglas from Dundee
  • Charlie‘s Angels – “To bring a smile to the faces of Charlie‘s Angel investors. Why take ourselves too seriously?” Mark from The Scottish Highlands

Charles Simpson, who left his job in the pharmaceutical sector with his wife Ruth to create the new English bubbly, says the wine will be ready next year and already tastes great.

“Naked Angels have helped make our English winemaking dream a reality, so it‘s only fair that they are involved in every stage of the process,” Simpson said.

“We were delighted to see so many wonderful name suggestions – and we‘re thrilled to call it ‘Beora’. The wine is gently ageing in the cellar right now.

“We sneaked a taste the other day and it‘s already spectacular. We can‘t wait to hear feedback from the Angels who helped to create it.”

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