Physical media overtakes digital in popularity

Physical media

Physical entertainment has overtaken digital as the UK’s format of choice driven by growing popularity with 18-24-year olds.

According to Ebay’s Guide to Physical Media, 76 per cent of British adults have purchased one item of physical media over the last 12 months.

A further 83 per cent of shoppers between the ages 18 and 24 have bought a book, CD, DVD or video game in the last year, thanks to an increasing desire to disconnect from digital devices.

This has led to 52 per cent of Britons stating they prefer physical media items to their digital counterparts.

“In today’s digitised world, physical media has an emotional and social cache that appeals to our desire to own the things we love, as well as our penchant for status and showing off,” Ebay’s vice president Rob Hattrell said.

“Our Guide to Physical Media delves into why Brits love it and what’s behind the 830 million searches for physical media on our marketplace over the last year – a number that is set to rise as people shop for entertainment for their Christmas stocking fillers.”

In the run-up to Christmas, physical media sales are expected to surge even further due to them making great gifts.

The marketplace recently launched a dedicated shop called The Entertainment Shop to meet growing demand.

Demand for vinyl has continued to grow according to the study, seeing 25 per cent of 18-24 year olds purchasing vinyl in the last year, with 38 per cent of those buying records at least once a month.

Sixty-three per cent of Brits also said they read a physical book every month while over half stated they watched a physical DVD and 60 per cent stating they listened to a CD.

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