Tesco to pay customer bank charges after glitch pushes many into the red


Tesco has issued an apology after a malfunction in its payment system caused hundreds of customers’ card payments to be processed up to three months after purchase.

The glitch, which is thought to have affected around 300 of its Express convenience stores, pushed many customers into the red and caused them to go beyond their agreed overdraft limits.

In a letter to those affected, Tesco said: “We are writing to let you know that a number of credit and debit card payments did not process correctly for some customers, in a small number of our Express stores.

“You may have noticed this as an unexpected transaction at Tesco in your bank statement.”

It added that it would cover the costs of any bank charges caused by pushing customers over their overdraft limits.

MoneySavingExpert.com first reported the glitch and warned customers to check their accounts.

Its news and features editor Steve Nowottny said: “It’s good to see Tesco has apologised to shoppers, but this is a real blunder. For a major supermarket to take payments up to three months late simply isn’t acceptable.

“If you’re operating on a tight budget it’s crucial you know that payments will be processed more or less as you make them.”

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