Aldi & Lidl have a more loyal customer base than any other supermarket


Aldi and Lidl have a more loyal customer base than all of the UK’s Big 4 supermarkets, according to new research.

The 2018 Loyalty Study conducted by TCC Global, which analysed 1000 in-depth interviews with shoppers across the country, found that the German discounters demanded a greater devotion from their customers than any other supermarkets in the UK.

Aldi achieved a score of +72 while Lidl hit +63.

This puts the pair comfortably above their nearest rival Waitrose with a score of +58, and above the country’s largest two grocers Tesco and Sainsbury’s with +33 and +36 respectively.

Despite this, retailers’ loyalty overall was fairly low, with 48 per cent of shoppers stating they wouldn’t care if their usual supermarket shut shop, while 57 per cent said would prefer to shop in places other than their usual store if possible.

“These discounters are squeezing the rest of the grocery market, and it’s bad news for the big four because shoppers aren’t just shopping at Aldi and Lidl because they’re cheap,” TCC Global global insights director Bryan Roberts said.

“There’s been a shift in quality perception after both discounters upped their game on fresh foods, introduced new ranges, built on an outstanding alcohol offering and rolled out credible own-label alternatives to branded family staples such as nappies.

“This could come as a shock to Tesco as they launch their own discount store, which will need to offer something very different to Aldi and Lidl, or it won’t be compelling enough to win shoppers back from the Germans.”

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