Nike accused of promoting gang culture over balaclava advert

Nike has sparked controversy after it was accused of stereotyping black youths involved in violent gang culture.

The advert in question was a for a balaclava which covers the users full head and part of their chest, which the sportswear giant said was designed to keep wearers warm in cold weather.

It featured a young black model in a t-shirt and military style garment which many critics on social media have said resembles a holster.

Critics took to social media in their droves, accusing Nike of deliberately promoting and targeting gang culture.

Nike has since withdrawn the £69 balaclava, which was part of the Nikelab x MMW range, and responded to critics stating: “These products were part of a wider Nike Training collection, styled on different models and available in multiple markets around the world.

“We are in no way condoning or encouraging the serious issue of criminal and gang culture.”

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  1. Stupid. I wear a balaclava in the winter for cycling and skiing. The vast majority of people that use them a not gang members. Let’s ban hoodies because some gang members wear them.

  2. This is yet another example of political correctness gone nuts. If they would only use pale skinned (lpeople it’d be wrong as well. (white? -I’m a paste pink!)

    There were gangs around before violent ones. It is sense of belonging like supporting a football team or being in a sports team. It’s like saying all Football supporters are thugs.

    As long as it isn’t worn into a bank, school etc – outside use only then nobody should have a problem.

  3. There is currently a ban imposed in France for wearing a burka, worn for various reasons surrounding the Muslim faith such as modesty and identity. Other countries have since followed I.e. Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

    This item on sale by Nike cover the same percentage of the face. Yet it left the cutting table, samples were approved and it went on sale, and sold out, so there has obviously been a demand.

    My question is how can Muslims be banned from wearing a Burka, yet a major world renowned company create a similar headdress and have it out it on sale?

  4. Blacks are over represented in criminal behaviour, that is why a black wearing a balaclava is more menacing than a white person.


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