Games Workshop warns of “some uncertainties” in coming months


Games Workshop has released a brief trading statement to investors this morning cautioning of “some uncertainties” after a run of standout financial performances.

The table-top game retailer’s short statement said simply that although sales were ahead of the same period last year and profits were at a similar rate, there were “some uncertainties” for the remainder of the financial year.

Its intentions for the update were unclear, but it follows a period of runaway growth for the retailer boasting the best stock performance of any company on the FTSE 250 last year.

Despite reporting a revenue rise of 39 per cent to £219 million in the year to June 3, its shares fell 6.5 per cent, following a further 4.5 per cent drop a month prior.

These declines came of the back of an announcement the Warhammer retailer was simply on track to meet expectations, as traders had become accustomed to huge boosts in projected sales in every update.

Today’s brief statement could be an effort to limit damage to its stock prices, which are up 44 per cent for the year to date, keeping its cards close to its chest.

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It added that it would provide a further update when appropriate.

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