H&M adopts paper bags amid war on plastic

H&M paper bags

H&M is the latest major retailer to join the war on plastic by announcing plans to ditch plastic bags all together and make paper bags the norm.

The UK arm of the global fashion retailer will roll out the changes from October 29 and all stores will only have paper bags by the start of December.

While the paper bags will cost 5p to use, all proceeds will be donated to charitable causes.

H&M said was adopting paper bags because it wants “to use its size and scale to lead the change towards a circular and renewable fashion industry”.

Unicef has already received over £1.9 million in donations from H&M since it began charging 5p for plastic bags in 2015.

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  1. Think it’s wrong charging for paper… when it was charged for plastic to stop the waste……
    I was all for plastic bag charging for food… but clothes shops should give paper bags for the sale of there clothes….. FREE……
    it’s again a way of getting money from shoppers killing clothes shops…..
    H&M STARTED THE 5p for paper.. other stores will follow…. I’ve stopped shopping in H&M now…… and will not go back….. due to PAPER BAG CHARGE……….. Zara is paper and free…….
    good bye H&M

    You wanted high street shoppers but loosing them each day as you take from us …..

    Your loose out … and lol lol charity will gain … but lose also in the end as shoppers will stop shopping in stores …..

  2. Absolutely disgusting to charge 5p for a paper bag.

    Is your staff uniform a mask & a black & white striped jumper?

    Not shopping there again.

    Your loss, you’ll see……..


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