Superdry co-founder: “I can’t just sit back & watch 30 years of my life be gently eroded”


Superdry co-founder Julian Dunkerton has announced he could return to the fashion retailer he began as a market stall over 30 years ago.

The entrepreneur told The Sunday Times he had left the brand to focus on his other businesses in March after he “felt a change of strategy” at Superdry and “didn’t want to be part of that”.

Superdry last week warned full year profits would come in £10 million lower due to the warmer-than-usual summer across the UK, continental Europe and the east coast of the US.

Dunkerton critiqued the retailer’s move for reducing its product lines when competitors were doing the opposite. 

“I just can’t sit back and watch 30 years of my life be gently eroded,” he told The Sunday Times.

Superdry shares closed at 733p on Friday, valuing the company at £627 million, down by two-thirds since January.

The profit warning sent shares down by more than 20 per cent last week, of which Dunkerton holds around an 18.5 per cent stake. 

He also told the Sunday Times that he believes the retailer is on a “completely wrong path” after “probably the most disastrous eight months you could imagine”.

He hinted that he could return to Superdry to help stem its decline.

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