58% of shoppers face Christmas delivery problems

Online shopping

More than 50 per cent of people who shopped online over last year’s Christmas period have experienced some sort of problem with their delivery, according to new research.

Consumer group Which? gathered surveys of 2095 UK shoppers, whereby it found that 58 per cent of those asked said they experienced a delivery problem over the Christmas period last year.

It also found that 90 per cent now purchase at least one item online during the Christmas period, and 51 per cent buy five or more items online.

Meanwhile, at least seven per cent claimed their parcels were left in the bin, four per cent had said their parcels were thrown over a fence, and two per cent said their deliveries had disappeared after being left with their neighbours.

The research also found that an individual had complained about their dog finding their parcel, while another shopper reported that their item had been swept away by local binmen after being left in the recycling bin.

Finally, around 29 per cent of shoppers said they received a delivery earlier than expected, which had caused issues with being able to collect the item.

“If you face a delivery issue, remember that you have rights and should contact the retailer as soon as possible to have your problem solved,” Which? managing director Alex Neill said.

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